📖Server Rules

You are responsible for your own account, and so you are responsible for any punishments if you break the rules below. If you have an issue with a ruling, you can appeal on our discord server.

Global Rules (Applies to All Servers)

  1. Listen to staff instructions when asked something. If a staff member asks you to, for example, drop a topic or change the subject in chat, or leave an area to resolve a conflict, you must do so. If you believe a staff member is asking you to do something that is unfair, please create a ticket in the Discord where Management will investigate

  2. Do not harass other players in any way. This includes, but is not limited to, constantly following/stalking players around or following them via their location on the map, creating builds around their town with the intent to annoy them, falsely reporting others to get them unfairly punished, or anything similar that we deem as physical harassment

  3. Do not create eyesores in any of the Overworlds. This includes, but is not limited to, lava casting, cobble monsters, mass fires, large craters, and mass destruction of terrain - these are allowed in the resource worlds only

  4. Do not use anything that can give you an unfair advantage. This includes, but is not limited to, auto-clicking or taping down your mouse/keys, x-ray, baritone, fly hacks, killaura/mobaura etc. If you wsh to use our custom Booster Modpack, then feel free here.

  5. Do not scam other players of their money or goods. This includes making false sales, renaming items to impersonate other items with more worth with the intent to trick people, or not paying for an item that was agreed upon. Please note that scamming only applies to in-game trades and things of monetary value. Agreements about things that do not hold monetary value or a tangible property, such as agreeing not to interact with another player, agreeing to not join a certain town etc, are not punishable and are at the discretion of the players involved

  6. Do not attempt to make traps of any kind on any involuntary player. This includes attempting to teleport a player into lava/a fall with malicious intention, teleporting a player into a PvP zone in an attempt to kill them, or trapping players in builds/redstone contraptions

  7. Do not use any inappropriate skins or usernames, or create any inappropriate builds. This includes NSFW content (sexual/gore/drugs), or anything that promotes discrimination of any kind

  8. Each player may use one Java account and one Bedrock account only - if you share a house with another player and believe you will appear on the same IP address, or you have a new account that you’d like your data transferred to, you should create a ticket in our Discord and let us know beforehand

  9. Do not use another account to evade any current ban on your main account Any behavior that indicates you have no intention to play the server, and are only online to cause harm or upset, will result in a severe punishment with no warning. This includes, but is not limited to, intentionally advertising other Minecraft servers with the intent to steal players, spamming offensive comments or slurs in chat or through any other means, leaking private information about another individual, purposefully attempting to lag or crash the server through machines or other means, abusing a bug/glitch for personal gain, and trading in-game items or money for anything outside of the server (excluding through the Necterium store)

Towny Rules (Applies to Towny Only)

  1. If you are outlawed from a town, you must leave the area immediately and stay at least 50 blocks away. If a player asks you to leave their plot in a town, you must stay outside of the borders of their plot

  2. Do not set any homes or warps in a town that isn’t your own, unless you have written permission or you can get permission when asked for it by a staff member. If the person that gave you permission to set that home changes their mind, you must remove the home or warp. Homes must be set 50 blocks away or more from a town without permission

  3. Do not abuse your town permissions to steal from residents. This includes, but is not limited to, draining the town bank of its money, purposefully making the town fall or go into ruin, stealing from town members’ plots, greatly increasing tax with no prior notice, kicking players from your town for no reason etc

  4. Do not intentionally interfere with a town’s expansion or design. This includes, but is not limited to, joining a town or convincing someone to trust you in their plot with the intention to grief, destroying pre-made houses without permission, ring claiming another town, and purposefully destroying the outskirts of a town via griefing, building large walls, TNT or TNT cannons, lava and water pyramids, or anything else we deem as intended griefing

  5. Do not invite players to your town unsolicited, or spam invites to everyone that doesn’t currently have a town without talking to them first (e.g do not just send an invite to a player without talking to them at all prior - you should message them first and ask if they want to join, and respect their wishes if they don’t)

Please note that towns may have their own rules as long as they do not conflict with or violate the official Necterium's rules. If a player breaks any rule made specifically by a town, and is not an offence in Necterium's rules, they will not be punished for it

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